DT Innovation Ambassador (DTIA)


A government sponsored* programme for public service personnel. It is a programme that helps participants confidently analyse, dig deeper into the root of the problem, and develop creative solutions.

Participants experience working in a multidisplinary team and flexible environments as well as go through activities that help break silo-thinking culture and hierarchies.

Upon meeting requirements, participants are awarded a certificate bearing the national emblem and recognises you as an Innovation Ambassador.

*Sponsorship only includes programme fee. Food and logistics is to be borne by participants.

Who is it for?

Degree holding public service personnel below the age of 50

Diploma holders are accepted with proof of 10 years of working experience

What is the duration of the programme?

Basic Track - 10 days (all 10 days in Genovasi d.school).

Fast Track - 5 days (4 days classes at Genovasi d.school, 1 day of post-programme work) 

Contact us

Email us at 
info@genovasimalaysia.com to learn more about the Design Thinking Innovation Ambassador programme and our other programmes.