Design Thinking Junior Programme

What if your child could be a design consultant in a real project, with real impact?

Genovasi is partnering with Zoo Negara this holiday, to redesign its patrons’ user experience. Your child will have the chance to go through a 3-day experiential programme to work through this challenge using a structured methodology under the guidance of our Design Thinking coaches. 

This programme is designed for 10 to12 year olds 

20 – 22 March 2018 (Tuesday – Thursday)
9:00am – 5:30pm

Drop off and pick up at Genovasi We will coordinate fieldwork at Zoo Negara.

What is Design Thinking?
It is an internationally recognised problem solving methodology applied across disciplines to address challenges in ways which are meaningful for your users. Multinationals such as IBM, Airbnb, and Lego use Design Thinking to drive innovation in their organisations. Introducing your child to Design Thinking sets them on a path toward picking up the thought processes and behaviours of an innovator.

Programme fee:
RM2,500  RM500 per pax (for this intake only)

Help them unplug from their devices, and give them more than an extra-curricular activity! Reach us at or call +603 7954 0628 for more information.