Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an internationally recognised, proven, and widely used innovation methodology that is applied across businesses, disciplines, and fields to solve complex problems. The five-step process of Design Thinking relies on its human-centric approach to innovation, incorporating key elements that leverage on multidisciplinary teams, flexible environments, uninhibited brainstorming activities, and most importantly, empathy for the end user.

The Five-Process of Design Thinking

Embracing Design Thinking in government offices and organisations disrupts silo-thinking culture, promotes multidisciplinary collaboration, puts user needs at the forefront of any design such that innovation becomes meaningful and purposeful for its users and stakeholders.

Experiencing Design Thinking is a combination of learning the methodology and undergoing a behavioural and mindset change. It is best learned hands-on and by working on a real-world project. With Design Thinking as a core competency, problem-solvers are further empowered and their existing skills enhanced. 

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