DT Re.Bootcamp


This programme fosters creative confidence and boosts the innovative environment that is necessary to give businesses the leading edge. 


Learn how to create breakthrough innovations through a collaborative working culture that thrives in multidisciplinary teams.

 5 days (3 class days and 2 post programme work)
**HRDF Claimable (SBL-Khas)

Who should attend

  • Senior-level Managers and above who are responsible for high-level decision-making, overseeing the organizational culture, and influencing the strategy and direction  
  • Leaders from a range of expertise including innovation, transformation, customer experience, people and development, corporate strategy, project management, and monitoring.
  • Heads of Departments, Design Leads, Innovation Leads, Corporate Strategy Teams, HR Managers, Project Management Officers Budding entrepreneurs and founders of their own startups or organisations.  
  • Anyone keen to use innovation as a catalyst for change
What will you get 

  • The creative confidence needed to reinvent your approach to innovation    
  • An action plan and a toolkit to launch you in your path in Design Thinking      
  • A certificate of completion     
  • A network of like-minded leaders that spans across industries and functions      
  • The creative confidence to inculcate an innovation language and culture in your organization 

How much is the programme fee?

The programme is priced at RM9,000 per participant.
This fee is HRDF claimable for up to RM6,500 under the SBL-Khas programme. 

Genovasi is a learning partner with Asian Banking School (ABS).

Next scheduled date: 10th to 12th October 2017  

Download information in PDF: Click here

Join here: bit.ly/dtrb2017
For corporate sign-ups and enquiries, please email: info@genovasimalaysia.com